A Brief Online History Of White Magic Spells


white magic spells

Some folks could be deceived into believing that the online universe is just as magical as that in which all the unknown spirits reign.  But it is nothing of the sort. It is still a material source. Only the thing about the internet that leads folks to get a bit carried away into believing that it’s a kind of magic place to be is that it holds so much information on everything of interest to them. Magical thoughts indeed, and many folks that have magic on the mind are reading, thinking and dreaming of the wonderful world of white magic spells.

White magic has come to be known as natural magic. It is very much a part of the natural religion otherwise known as paganism. It worships the moon, it worships the sun and it worships the stars. It even worships mother earth. It is a nurturing religion and it is very much preferred if you refer to your deity as a goddess, rather than the patrilineal god. White magic is almost always used only for the good of humankind. We no longer speak in terms of mankind. That is a definition that belongs to paternalistic era.

Historically, white magic has always been linked to what is also called, in full, as pagan nature worship. In the practices involved there have been what was known as fertility cults. It is not so much for a successful birth of a child but more to do with a good harvest. One wonders about the secular order of things today when you consider how dry the earth has become today. Nevertheless, there are pagan religions that remain steadfast, well into the twenty first century. One of the best known pagan religions and authentic believers in the casting of white magic spells is the Wicca religion.

The white magic cults fit like a glove with Wicca, because Wicca believes in the existence of a mother goddess and human nature and its natural surroundings must seek harmony and union with its supreme goddess. This is possible, the religion believes, when there is love and devotion. While nature is prominent in the religion, the successful casting of white magic spells needs to rely on the spirit world. In opposition to black magic, white magic is a force for good. It is advised by devotees that the white magic spells are only used for good intentions and even for the purposes of defending humanity from evil.

The practice of white magic started from as far back as what is known as the Paleolithic era. In that period people were already worshipping spiritual beings and deities. It was essential to form a bond with higher beings in order to enjoy a successful and secure life on mother earth. Doing so would ensure that fields and crops remained fertile. In thanksgiving, shrines were erected where the fruits of humankind’s labors and the blessings of what it believed in from up above were offered.