Before taking Gonadorelin beware of the consequences

Any online information on a new supplement available to enhance your health or help you to improve your fitness levels need to be handled with care. Any online information on Gonadorelin with a view to increasing muscle strength and muscular composition needs to be handled with extreme care. Not doing so will always have consequences for the layman and woman. Never mind that, but it has happened many times before that even seasoned body builders and weight lifters have been hurt. You would have expected better from serious-minded sportsmen and women who should be taking a responsible approach towards keeping themselves healthy and fit.


Gonadorelin is not a supplement. It is by no means of the word a natural supplement, nor is it even a chemically formulated supplement to help you build muscle mass and boost your strength. It is but one ingredient in a complex cocktail. The rule is that any drug that includes Gonadorelin can only be obtained by way of a medical prescription from your general practitioner or specialist and, in particular, your sports medicine practitioner. Your sports medicine specialist should also be properly vetted and licensed to make out these prescriptions.

It has happened in the past where medical practitioners have lost their license to practice after severe damage was done to the patients they were supposed to be treating with the utmost care and responsibility. Body builders and weightlifters have typically and historically chanced their arms if you will by circumventing medical conventions altogether. This has been made all the more easier to do now that these drugs are readily available for purchase on the internet without a prescription. You will find that these are the agencies or companies that have slipped through the cracks or under the radar.

This is because in most cases, the internet consumer industry has been regulated to avoid such unlawfulness. Those caught purveying such potentially harmful goods face steep penalties. We cannot say for certain whether jail time is given but this can surely be tested on the internet easily enough. By that we mean research the net to find out whether there have been such cases, not try your luck and risk your health in going right ahead in purchasing a drug known to be illegal otherwise. By now you see that not only are you putting your health at risk, you are also putting your entire life’s reputation at stake.

If you really are that curious, but still want to do the right thing, then you can always make enquires on the drug inclusion the next time you visit your general practitioner. You need not even wait for that visit, because there is more than enough online information on this contentious issue. That being said, you do not need to take our word for it in politely asking you to beware of the consequences of trying your unqualified hand at drugs and their contents.