How to start reversing your tech zombie nature

You have to admit, zombies are among the scariest of creatures. Fortunately, you only see these creatures late at night on your TV screen, so you dismiss their ravenous tendencies with a pinch of salt and are still able to sleep soundly at night. But did you know that there really are zombies out there. At did you know that it’s quite possible that you could be one of them? Let us quickly explain why this may be so.

And then let us try and help you out of your zombie revelry. At this time, most of you think you’re really having a good time. The real zombies in question are what we refer to as tech zombies. Now, the first step towards empowering yourself away from zombie doom could be quite hard, but give it a try and see what happens next. The next time you head off for work in the morning, leave your mobile or tablet at home.

Scary isn’t it? Watch and feel what happens next. You go down to your favorite coffee shop and what do you see? Tech zombies everywhere. They’re so engrossed in their mobiles and tablets you have to wonder what the hell could be so interesting so early in the morning. And, are you getting this, it’s starting to feel really irritating too. Because not a soul, or should we say, not a soulless person, make that zombie, has noticed you.

Not one good morning. If you were lucky, you would have got a grunt or a growl. But that’s about it. At least you didn’t get bitten. Actually, you did. Your tech habit is not healthy. You need to take your mind, or what’s left of it, off of the damn things every once in a while. It’s unhealthy otherwise.